New book reveals John Summers: The Untold Story of Corruption, Systemic Racism and Evil at Bell Baker LLP

The legal system in Canada is viewed by many from the outside as close to flawless. What many do not realize is that the system has a set of inherent flaws. The system is so broken that there is probably no one that personifies this better than notorious Ottawa lawyer John Summers. This book has set out, in all its 354 pages of riveting details, shocking revelations, and explosive accounts, to establish the fact that the legal system in Canada is weaker than many would have ever imagined.

It is shocking to know that a lawyer in Canada will be interested only in money to the extent that he can collect money from shady sources then put the money to use for the exploitation of a vulnerable elderly man battling chronic high blood pressure and diabetes while also subjecting his wife to abuse.

 The disorientation of the old man in question is so thorough that when he is driving, he did not know where to stop and often got lost. Yet, Summers went ahead to manipulate such a vulnerable personality to serve his selfish ends and a seemingly rapacious appetite for evil. If you think that was all he did, then you are underestimating the capacity for evil by this attorney.

The book went on to reveal how the same lawyer went ahead to entrench the abuse in a way that even the most delirious and criminal psychopath would find fascinating.

Can you imagine a man blocking his wife from getting the much-needed assistance for herself from her son and then that same man relying on the a lawyer, social service agents, the police and judges to perpetuate that abuse?

Reading of how Summers went about frustrating the efforts of the woman by deploying his knowledge of the broken legal system to nefarious ends will shock even the most cynical reader. But how was Summers able to pull all this off? You will need to read the book to understand precisely.

One of the most important revelations of the book, which was documented in a very concise manner by Peter Tremblay, is the ease with which Summers was able to use the Canadian legal system to carry out all kinds of things that one will think belongs to the realm of fiction only that this is reality. For years, Summers utilized deceit, lies, a fraudulent motion, and the most shocking of all, clear collusion with judges from his former University to get illegal blocks against a son who just wanted to get safety, protection, and security for his mother from a deranged husband.

John Summers: The Untold Story of Corruption, Systemic Racism, and Evil at Bell Baker LLP is a book that exposes the underbelly of a court system that has a well-packaged exterior to the whole world. No one would have imagined that the court system of Canada is one that allows a lawyer to misbehave and engage in various misconduct and unethical practices that contravene the provisions of the constitution. These are acts that promote torture, racism, and even destruction of human life – chilling but real.

The book takes the readers on a mesmerizing but comprehensible journey of the moral decay that is permeating the legal system of a country that prides itself on being one of the fairest societies in the world. It is an incisive and deeply analytical work on the ruthless cabal that exists inside the Canadian legal system. This a cabal of rogue insiders who mercilessly worked towards denying justice to the most vulnerable – without any empathy or accountability. The book exposes what you will not read in the mainstream media about the justice system of Canada.

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