Foreplay: Giving a woman pleasure

According to Dr Pam Spurr a sex expert and psychologist, arousing the skin sensitivity of a woman will get her to a point where she will be ready for anything. By doing this, the production of hormone oxytocin which is the bonding hormone will be boosted. To pleasure a woman, slow seduction is the best way to leave her more pleasurable unless both of you are in the mood for a quickie. To boost her skin sensitivity you have to look for her lust lines.


According to ancient oriental beliefs, the lust line of a woman runs down the side of her neck from her earlobe. She will get tingles right down to the clitoris when you gently stroke her earlobe and then you kiss the back of her neck. Another sensitive place to get to her is one on her left hand running through the ring finger.


Gently stroke the finger while you kiss her and then move your fingers into her palm and circle the palm. When you do this her skin will get aroused and sensitive to any touch.

Showing a woman your sensitive and your hot and passionate side will make her get connected to you. She will be ready for a fantastic session of sex with you. Spoil her by stroking and caressing her hair with good smelling shampoo while she sits down on a chair. Alternatively you can make her sit in a warm, sudsy bath while you gently comb through her wet hair and she will feel spoiled and ready for an amazing time between the sheets.

A woman will find you very attractive when you show her some gentlemanly consideration. Take a masculine charge when it comes to undressing and don’t stare at her because you don’t want to make her feel analyzed, instead make her feel appreciated and she will be dying to sleep with you.

Mind blowing foreplay to make her ready for anything is smoothing some runny honey on her pussy lips with your fingers while she lies on her back. Gently kiss the lips and suck off a little of the honey. Then lying on your back, ask her to kneel above you and while the few drips of honey drop into your lips flick her lips with your finger and do it gently.

Stimulation of a woman’s clitoris is not the way to completely turn her on as many people assume. If you want her to get fully excited during foreplay, on her pubic mound place your fingertips an inch above her clitoris and push gently into the fleshy mound pads using the index and middle fingertips. Thrills will be sent through her clitoral arms by this stimulation while you kiss her and hold her with the other arm. Below the surface of her labia is where you will find the clitoral arms.  A touch to the upper part of the pubic mound will get them stimulated. Until she can’t take it anymore, keep making the gentle circles.

Using your penis like a sex toy will make her excited instead of the ordinary thrusts. Make your penis circle around inside her vagina and skim its entire surface by moving your hips gently in a circular motion. To maximize the pleasure, incorporate this with in and out thrusts.


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