Relationships: Toys are becoming more common

According to a recent poll by the readers of the Women’s Health, sex toys are not only being used by single ladies, many couples are bringing them to bed to spice up their sex lives. 75% of the respondents in the survey confessed of having used one with a partner and 60% said they have used a toy with the person they were seeing. More women are ready for the idea of using one. 84% said they are up for giving it a try as a couple.


Ian Kerner, PhD, sex therapist and author of She Comes First say that bringing a toy to bed can help make things more interesting if you find that lately your sex life has become more of a routine. He says more couples are using toys lately. “Whenever novelty is introduced in the bedroom, dopamine activity is stimulated which boosts sex arousal and sexual excitement. Kerner says that sex toys can be of much help for those people experiencing difficulties in crossing the finish line.” Sexual intercourse is not the only thing that orgasm a large number of women, but sex toys and manual or oral stimulation take them to a whole new different level” says Kerner.” This is what I call intercourse plus”


 Kerner says that a standard vibrator can be very useful to a couple in making things more exciting. A flattened tip vibrator is good because focusing on the G spot is what it’s designed for. A double sided vibrator end which is perfect for surface vibrations and the other end are good for penetration. He says that a smaller clitoral vibrator can be used and while you orally or manually stimulate a man, incorporating a handheld palm sized vibrator in your hand can really add to his pleasure. Some are designed to give a full body massage and they can be very useful. Other toys are meant for couples to play with together and experience excitement together. Other toys like the We-Vibe is made for women to wear for the couple to feel the vibe and no hands are involved. It is very popular among many couples. The vibrating pod is also usable where one partner wears it on the fingertips to amp up hand play. For extra pleasure to the couple, a vibrating penis ring will do exactly that.


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