Sexuality gets the craziest debate yet

A hilarious and heated debate where a discussion was held where people were to chose what they would prefer between a toe curling foreplay and creamy brie if a choice was presented to them. This ridiculous debate led to a series of fascinating research at the University of Columbia.


The Blue and White magazine, an online edition in Columbia usually conduct an annual interview on graduating students to publish on their Senior Wisdom section. A question on whether they would give up oral sex or cheese was asked for several years and this year a student conducted a review on around 222 responses given between 2006 and 2012 to the question. Shockingly the majority of the people who gave their response were more willing to give up oral sex than cheese.

We can understand it would be painful to live without macaroni and cheese but one thing we cannot understand is majority of the people willing to give up oral sex for them. Out of the 222 who gave their response, 103 were women and 46% of them would rather give up oral sex and 26% would give up cheese and the remaining didn’t give a direct answer. The rest 119 were men and 36% of them preferred to give up oral sex while 32% would give up cheese and the remaining percentage avoided the question. One big question we just can’t avoid asking is exactly what kind of cheese is being served in Columbia?

Out of doubts whether a different response would have been given if the question was asked anonymously, a poll on the readers of Women’s Health and Men’s Health was conducted and around 80.5% of the readers of Men’s Health would rather give up cheese than oral sex while only 56% of Women’s Health readers would give up the cheese. It’s still surprising how the stand on women is pretty clear in this study.


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