Gym exercises that boost the libido

There are various gym exercises that help in boosting your sex drive. This is highly benefiting in the fact that it will help you shed off some extra kgs and at the same time give your sex drive a boost.

The most efficient way of burning calories has been found to be kettle bell training and according to a research by the American Council on Exercise, intense kettle bell moves have been proven to burn about 1,200kcal/hr. Kettle bell boosts the levels of testosterone within a very short time by about 136%. This is according to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

The better sex work out a plan designed by PT Stuart Armory is an exercise worth trying where overloading the muscles is involved. It is done in sets and a break of 30secs between the sets is taken. A session once a week will be ok. The first day involves fat burning foreplay. This involves a combination of clean, swap hands, jerk, swap, snatch, swap, squat, swap. The sequence for doing this is; 2,4,6,8,10,8,6,4,2.Two for one and through this your muscles are prepared for the harder exercise ahead and you get to burn up about 600kcal.


According to studies you get to reduce erectile dysfunction and boost your libido by just dropping 5% of your body weight. The second day involves getting a sweat on which is a combination of clean, jerk, snatch, deep squat, then swap hand. This is done in the sequence 2,4,6,8,10,8,6,4,2. Two for one and the moves are more aerobic as a result of more concentration and through this the fat stores get burned. According to the findings by Australian scientists similar sessions boosts the levels of testosterone in men by 50%. The third day involves the main event which is a combination of clean, jerk, and snatch, deep squat using a heavier weight or use a bell in each of your hands repeating it in the sequence 2,4,6,8,10,8,6,4,2.  Here muscle tissues that are defined replace the fat due to the heavy weight. According to research by McMaster University, testosterone levels are lowered by the belly fat. Your sex life will be given a boost in so many ways when that belly fat is replaced with a six-pack.

The other exercise is the kettle bell clean where a kettle bell is grabbed while squatting and lifted explosively, while keeping your back straight and watch your chin. When the shoulder level is reached, the elbow is flared out to the side, and then the kettle bell is flipped over and caught on the outside of the arm, and returned. This will burn a whole lot of fat and the levels of testosterone are increased in a great way.

The kettle bell jerk is another exercise where a kettle bell is held at shoulder height while the weight is resting on the arms. Then bending into a shallow squat is done. While you drive up the bell, do some explosive push up and when your arms are in a straight position, bend the knees slightly. Through this, your metabolism is improved and your arms become very powerful. Benefits of all this will be reaped when the woman asks for bedroom gymnastics.

The other exercise is the kettle bell snatch where the bell is held in between the legs. In one movement, swing the bell away from the body and above the shoulder. While you bend into a straight squat, catch the bell with fully extended arms. Then thrust up straight and return. Through this, your body is stabilized and a six pack is built which makes sure your power to stay up and active at night is increased.


The last exercise is the kettle bell deep squat where the kettle bell is held to the chest with the feet, they should be shoulder width apart. Squat and make your thighs go beyond the ground level. After that, drive back up. This builds up heavy artillery in metabolism and T-levels in the legs and glutes and this increases the power to thrust.


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