How to Naturally Improve Low Libido?

In the United States about 20 to 25% men and 40 to 50% women experience low libido. There are natural and effective ways through which you can boost your libido to stay healthy.

Below are several effective natural ways for boosting your libido:


  • Eat enough greens: Green leafy veggies help to absorb more minerals in your body. Kale, Collards and turnip and other cruciferous vegetables provide your health-enhancing benefits. But if you want to enjoy full benefits of cruciferous vegetables it is better to steam them, so that you get maximum benefits.

  • Extract of ocean plant: Ocean plant extract contains iodine which is formulated from mineral-rich sea vegetables. It is also beneficial for your thyroid.

  • Essential minerals: Your adrenal glands thrive on various essential minerals such as iodine, selenium, zinc, magnesium and copper. Unhealthy food choices like junk foods results in lack of these minerals in your body. You should follow diet that provides you these important minerals.

  • Natural herbs: Certain herbs also help to boost your libido. The most effective herbs are Holy Basil and Ashwagandha that increases your stamina and energy levels. They help to reduce stress and negative thoughts from your mind, keeping you calm and tranquil. Ashwagandha enhance the male reproductive system as well as sexual function.


Treatment for Medically Induced Low Libido

Several categories of prescription drugs cause sexual dysfunction. Those who develop drug-induced sexual dysfunction become possibly non-adherent. A therapy with a clinical psychologist that understands sexual dysfunction very well helps to reverse this drug induced sexual disability. Many strategies are implemented to reverse it that includes drug switching, drug holidays and dose reduction. There are inhibitors if taken before intercourse, helps men to perform better sex. Men and women taking antihypertensive are advised to take other alternative drug. Some of the drugs such as Alpha blockers, calcium channel blockers or ACE inhibitors are quite safe and don’t cause erectile dysfunction.

What are the views of health experts on Low Libido?

Sexologists are very concerned about the low libido and sexual health, and they recommend different treatments for different causes of low sexual desire. For treating low sex drive which can be the root cause of psychological factor, the experts recommend sex therapy that provides men the specific and significant techniques for enjoying better sex. Testosterone helps to boost the sex drive in men. Decline in the level of testosterone makes them less sensitive towards sex.


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