Heat Up Your Life This Winter

Winter can be a tough time for sex. For one thing, your body is programmed to go into hibernation mode, conserving energy by eating more and sleeping less – two things that can be murder on the sex drive. Not to mention that the simple fact of the freezing cold will make you want to keep your clothes on. How do you beat the winter sex blahs? By adding some heat of your own. Here are some tips for keeping it fiery, not frigid this winter.

Stoke the Fire

It is hard to get frisky when you're freezing, so turn up the heat, literally. Forget about your energy bill and crank it up like a Bikram yoga room. Keep the humidity high, too, because you don't want to be dried outanywhere. Use a humidifier, or simply boil a big pan of water to add moisture to the air. Once your body feels like it is basking on a tropical isle, your sex drive will heat up. Add to the illusion with a pina colada and pretend you're at a clothing optional beach with your partner. Who cares if it is snowing outside? You can make a sunny paradise inside.

Heated Massage

Another way to heat up your winter sex life is heated massage. There are several ways to accomplish this. You can simply warm your hands before stroking your lover's body, or you can use special oils that warm with use. You can even heat flat stones of various sizes in hot water (no hotter than what comes from your tap, to avoid burns) and place them in various spots on your partner's body. The stones will hold the heat for a long time.

Candle Play

Not only do candles provide romantic atmosphere for your most intimate encounters, they can also be used for stimulating sex play. You can have a taste of light S&M without any risk with a little candle wax. Melted wax is hot enough to surprise, but not hot enough to cause any damage beyond a gentle red flush on your skin. Blindfold your partner and hold a lit candle over their naked body. Then strategically drip the hot wax and watch your lover gasp in delight. Just make sure you stay away from truly sensitive areas, and remember that everyone has different limits. But as long as everyone is having fun, enjoy the excitement of hot wax warming your body on a cold winter day.

Warming Lube

Several brands of special warming lube are available for hot fun all year long – but these products are especially thrilling in the winter. You can use water based warming lubricants anywhere, and there are even honey-based warming lubes that are specifically meant for external use. Try using the lubes for a warming massage, starting in the general areas and working your way to more intimate places.


One of the best ways to fight winter freeze, and the loss of libido that sometimes comes with it, is to completely immerse yourself in hot water. For basic water play, fill your tub about half full with the hottest water you can stand (leaving room for it to expand with two bodies) and feel your skin tingle and prickle in the intense heat. Entwine yourselves together until the water begins to cool slightly, and then enjoy the flushed and excited reaction of your hot bodies. For a little more wiggle room, you can use a Jacuzzi or a heated pool.


Exercise sends feel-good chemicals rushing through your body, priming you for sex, while the warmth of your workout can help fight the winter cold. Sex after exercise is great – but sex during exercise can be even better. Develop your own erotic partner workout that incorporates stretches, squats, and core-building plank exercises. Experiment with positions and you'll get the idea.

Don't let winter leave you out in the cold. With these ideas, you can turn up the heat on your relationship and warm up even the chilliest winter day.


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