Impregnation Fantasies

How many women have seen a hot stripper and yelled “I want you to put a baby in me!”  Of course, this is more likely said out of pure animal instinct than actual want.  There are also many men out there who have a similar fantasy.

In the world of phone sex, impregnation fantasies are quite common. Human instinct is to procreate, so it is all too possible that when a guy is fantasizing about getting a girl pregnant, he is unconsciously wanting to spread his seed and carry on his genetic line.  But it goes beyond that.

There are a few different variations of impregnation fantasies that phone sex operators hear, I have included two at the opposite end of the spectrum.

The first one, wanting to cum inside a woman and get her pregnant, repeatedly.  This fantasy revolves strictly around the fact that the man can get the woman pregnant. The fantasy is just as simple as it seems.  Talking to a woman and her begging for him to cum inside of her and get her pregnant.  I know what the women who are reading this article are thinking: do they not realize all the work and money that goes in to having a baby!?  And I wholeheartedly agree!  But, when your dick his hard, that’s all you want!  Many men also want to have sex with women while they are pregnant. I have heard that is supposed to be amazing for the man!

The second one, and quite the opposite, are men who want to see their woman pregnant by another man’s baby, most likely of the opposite sex.  I do find that this fantasy if very common for white men, wanting their woman pregnant with a black man’s baby.  I’m sure you’re thinking: what?!  And that is a justified reaction!  What do these guys really want?  They want their wife or girlfriend to get pregnant, and when they have the baby, they also want to be humiliated by the fact that the baby is of a different race.  That means that their significant other was having sex with a black man while they were with them.  The real reason they want to know this, is that they likely have a small dick and want to be humiliated knowing their wife was pleased by another man.

The human mind is a magical and mysterious thing!


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