The Ultimate Fantasy: Magical Transformation

Now when it comes to a fantasy role-play, magical transformation fantasies take the cake.There have been several over the years that I have heard as a phone sex operator.

One afternoon, I had a client call and tell me to imagine that I’m in the library.

I find a book with an old leather cover that’s coated in dust. When I open the book, and start to read it, it pulls me into it and I become one of the characters. Of course,he is narrating the story for me. This was bound to get interesting. He starts out with Chapter 1, where I’m in a house doing the dishes looking out the window at the beautiful day. Being a gorgeous day out, I decide to go outside and bring a blanket and lay it on the ground.After laying down on the blanket, feeling the breeze flow through my hair and soaking up the rays of the sun, I decide to enjoy the sun on a more intimate level, deciding to get naked. (Of course, it's only natural!)

He read me chapter by chapter of this book he came up with, being very explicit and detailed about the sex scenes, and discussing ALL taboos. It was quite interesting and inventiveactually.

Another inventive fantasy involved me being a super heroine whose body is impenetrable. I fly naked because I fly so fast that my clothing rips right off as I fly. And since I am invisible and invincible, I am not afraid of anyone seeing me naked.

When I come across an assailant, I might take their .44 magnum (his choice of gun) and push it inside my pussy and force him to pull the trigger, having the bullets fly inside of me, bounce around and give me orgasms. I also take grenades and shove them inside of me so they can explode causing nothing but vibrating pleasures. And naturally, man’s

most dangerous weapon, the nuke, is my play toy. I straddle it and orgasm from the fun, thrill, and of course, the power between my legs. Then I fly and play in the mushroom cloud. When I scream from the orgasm, it’s like a sonic boom blowing out windows and destroying buildings. Like I said, very inventive!

One of my most popular magical transformation fantasies actually involves me being a witch and chanting and speaking in tongues.  With each chant, I change appearance, to whichever girl he wants me to be.  Most of the time, clients want me to be a famous celebrity and I have to completely transform from head to toe into them.  My chanting doesn’t just change my own appearance, but the client’s.  And of course, I can change them into the ultimate man I would want to have sex with.  Typically, the chants themselves are what gets the client most excited, and eventually climax. 

Calls like these are what makes my days as a phone sex operator worth it!


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