Has Virtual Dating Gained More Popularity during in the Pandemic

Many would have thought that this year’s stay-at-home order would have made dating impossible for singles. However, it seems that most people have taken to online dating sites and social media to seek out relationships.

Virtual dating has increased in popularity during the pandemic. According to The New York Times, one positive thing that has come with the pandemic is that everyone is now forced to take things slow while dating.

Celebrity dating coach, Laurel House, quoted on Spectrum News 1; said dating is no longer superficial. According to House, people are now getting to know each other on a much deeper level through virtual dating than they would have if they were still dating in person.

House predicts that the pandemic would birth many new relationships but also cause others to break up.

“People, interestingly, feel more comfortable and vulnerable when there is this idea of the protection of a screen between you,” House said. “People just drop their guard, and they reveal so much more about their deepest darkest.”

“I'm predicting at the end of this pandemic, there’s going to be some real deeper, enduring relationships that come out of it, and there’s going to be a lot of breakups because people are realizing, you know what, I didn't really know you and now that we've been talking so much, I don't like you. And so they are splitting now.”

In spite of this, House says that because many people are currently locked in at home, they are more eager to reveal their true colours and make real connections for the duration of the pandemic.

"All of a sudden it's I want something real [and] I want someone who makes me feel safe. How do I do that? I'm going to show them who I really am. I'm not going to hide my true colours. I'm not going to wait for them to earn information about me. I'm not going to wait to trust them before I reveal my truth. I'm going to tell it to them," House said.

There is not so much physical activity to do while dating during a lockdown situation, but people still find ways to make it work.

“If you want it to feel a little bit more like a date, then you might have a glass of wine.” House says, “Now you're sitting across from each other at a bar having some wine. If you want to do something more interesting like an active date, you can paint and sip, where you guys decide on a painting that you're going to paint together,” she said.

House says the subject of sex is also never totally off the table during these online dates.

“There’s an opportunity to do some sexy time - to start with the sexy Skyping, the sexy FaceTiming, and maybe one person isn't comfortable to be physically revealing over video and the other person is pushing for that,” she said.

People also have to dress well for these dates.

“It’s good to be able to feel comfortable in front of the person you're with. It’s good for them to see that true side of you,” she said. “[But] there's an element of romancing and wanting to look your best that you really should continue even when you are video dating.”

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