Transgender: My First 90 Days With Boobs


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I had my 400cc implants inserted under my pectoral muscles by Dr. Bitar. I was always against any kind of surgical enhancements until I decided I wanted to get into porn.

I figured that if I was going to really turn up the sexy to 11 I would really need some help beyond what hormones where doing for me.

I did a little research and found a reputable Dr in my area and set up a consultation right away. Turned out that I was his first ever TS patient so it was new territory for him as well.

Photo: Before Surgery

I made the choice of 400cc silicone implants to reduce the possibility of rippling of the implant. That is where the boob ends up looking like a dried up orange with creases and bumps on the edge. It also meant Dr Bitar would be going in under my breast so my there would be incisions in my pectoral muscle that would take a little time to heal up. It also misaligned parts of my tattoos but that might get touched up with bit of new ink down the road.

Titty Tuesday - Sept 20, 2011

Photo: After Surgery

Was it worth it? Fuck yes it was worth every dime and second of pain recovering afterward. It may not be fair and also slightly fucked up but people treat me a whole lot better now that I have cleavage bouncing in their face. I was happy with the way things were before the boobs but now that I get the attention that I do it makes life so much sweeter. I loved myself as a person before I got them so they didn’t complete me or make me into a woman overnight by any means. They are simply an accessory that makes everything in my life sparkle and shine a lot more than before.

I am so happy with results so far that I can’t even begin explain how fucking awesome it is. If anyone ever wants further details about my experiences with having breast implants please feel free to contact me and we will talk.

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