Top 5 Safety Tips For Escorts

Working as a professional escort has it's good sides and, of course, the bad ones as well. Most of the time, everything is alright and all things end well, but as an escort, you need to keep your eyes open and learn how to foresee a potential disaster upfront. will give you some nice tips here hoping they would help.

Screening Clients

The absolutely most important thing of all is doing a screen of your clients! There are escorts that go as far as a background check, but there are many more that just say yes without thinking. Learn some personal information about the client if possible, but if both of you want to keep it discreet, you should take things slow and assess the situation properly before going in a secluded place together.

Getting out of sticky situations

Every escort has surely had a sticky situation. They can vary from a creepy client with some weird demands to a client that is drunk or worse, drugged. All escorts should know how to handle these situations the right way. The best way is to de-escalate the situation and make a safe exit rather than make a scene and escalate the situation to an unpredictable outcome.

Sexual Safety

When you hear the phrase "sexual safety", you think about all those classes in high school, but be assured that this is something different. As an escort, you will be much more exposed to more partners almost every day and that demands attention! The safest thing to do is always have some condoms ready and never accept having sex without protection, no matter how much they want to pay you!


If you are working for an escort agency, they are the ones that are handling your security, but, you might be in situations when you're all alone with a client in a distant hotel room. In this situation, a pepper spray is the last option. Always approach a sticky situation with awareness and confidence and limit your exposure.

Phone and e-mail usage

Never give out your personal information to a client that you've just met. Leave the private stories at home. Talking to a regular client is something different, but be sure to keep your eyes opened. Use common sense and always think about how you feel communicating with someone, rather than the money they offer.


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