The Top 5 Sports Betting Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Social media has become apowerful tool for all kinds of jobs. It is used as a medium for product promotion and advertising just as much as televisions and radios. One of these powerful social media platforms is Instagram. Instagram has become one of the most preferred social media platforms for sports betting operators.

A report by uncovers the five most influential and prominent sports betting accounts. Instagram, just like other social media platforms, has become the virtual home of manyhigh profile bettors. These bettors use this medium to post fascinating pictures of betting events and huge sums of money won. The five most interesting Instagram accounts are as follows:

5. @KellyInVegas a.k.a. Kelly Stewart

Kelly is an Instagram celebrity with over 11,000 followers and a growing brand. She has paired her Sin City sports betting lifestyle with an interesting Instagram account.

Kelly gained popularity in 2013, after hitting a longshot, three-team NFL parlay circa. At that time, the news, pictures, and videos had trended on social media, making people take an interest in her. Kelly used this opportunity to grow her Instagram profile.  Although she is known for the betting game, she also keeps her fans entertained and reels in more fans using football, basketball, baseball and sometimes even sex appeal.

4. @lockitinonfs1

This account has 6,000 followers and is owned by the first cable TV show dedicated to sports betting. The TV show was known as “Lock It In”. The show is gettingincreasingly popular, and their social media followers are definitely growing. The show would definitely not be ending anytime soon, so it is assumed that their Instagram following would keep growing.  It features prominent personalities like The Ringer’s Cousin Sal (who also hosts the Against All Odds podcast), with Clay Travis and Todd Fuhrman of Fox Sports.

3. @VIPSportsLV a.k.a. Steve Stevens

The account has 100,000 followers. And this comesas no surprise at all since Stevens is a part-timesports betting consultant and part-time travel agent.In addition to this, he has other specialties that drive up the number of followers he has. He uses most of his free time to visit and review the various sportsbooks in Las Vegas while giving insights on best bets and how to win.

According to vipsportslasvegas.comSteve Stevens is the #1 documented sports betting consultant on the business financial network. He is the founder of VIP Sports, a company that provides its clients with advice on who to bet on. In his own words, “I’m not a bookie, I’m the bookie killer.”

2. @BigRobStyle a.k.a. Rob Gorodetsky

This account has 143,000 followers with photos from the biggest sporting events. Gorodetskyrefers to gambling as a lifestyle. Many bettors use statistical analysis in betting but he prides himself as betting on just instincts and nothing else.

1. @BarstoolGambling

With 122,000 followers, this crew has two rules for gambling. “Rule number 1 of gambling, always bet the over. Rule number 2, if a mascot dies the week of a big game, it’s an automatic mortal lock”.  This crew has a website called barstoolsports.


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