Responsible Gambling: How Much Gambling is Too Much?

All kinds of gambling are considered some form of entertainment, however, sometimes people fall into the temptation of gambling a lot more than they should. Everyone adult is free to gamble, provided it is permitted within the law, however sometimes even legalized gambling can become irresponsible! Irresponsibility is the source of all forms of abuse and gambling is no different. Sometimes, people lose control over their gambling habit and it turns into addiction.

The victims of irresponsible gambling suffer catastrophic ramifications that are unbearable. Even when the victim doesn’t feel the pain, their family does, and in a manner that they do not deserve. Gambling addictions are caused by an irresistible urge reports

According to theconversation, North American addiction researcher Shawn Currie,  found that Canadians who spent less than 1% of their gross income on gambling, gambled no more than two to three times per month, and spent less than CAN$1,000 a year were unlikely to experience harm from gambling. This could mean that anyone spending more than this amount of money annually on gambling is fast headed towards a gambling problem.

Help for gambling problems

According to, gambling addiction is also known as pathological gambling, compulsive gambling or gambling disorder— and it is an impulse-control disorder. Rules are rules and without them, there is no control. You are expected to set some gambling rules for yourself,or your family, to prevent you or someone you know love developing gambling problems.

Deposit limits: Some licensed gambling companies have a limit of deposit a customer may make per day, or in a given period of time. Others have deposit limits for a year, calculating each deposit you make and never allowing it to exceed the limit of deposit per year. Respect deposit limits and do not look for ways to exceed them.

Wager limits: Although the first gambling rule says that if you fear to bet you will never win, there should however be a limit on the amount of money you use to wage per day or for a specific given time.

Session time limits: This actually limits the amount of time you can stay logged in an account. It also checks for the number of times you log into your account in a day. You will not be allowed an entrance to your own account if you reach the limit.

Account cool-off: When you are neck deep in gambling problems, the option is there to block any access you make to your account in a specific timeframe until the time passes. During this break, you can seek help from experts.

Loss limit:Onemajor cause of gambling problems is the fact that when people lose a lot of money to gambling, it becomes agonizing and they feel the need to gamble more to win it all back. Create a limit onthe amount of money you canlose per day or per a given period.You should learn to be able to quit after you lose.


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