What does it take to be a great hockey player?

When we talk about hockey, there are multiple things thathelp the player to achieve the top ranking. Talent certainly plays a big role, but which one? There are multiple aspects.A good hockey player has to be fast. Very fast. Being quick and in the good physical condition is very important for a hockey player. In this article, we’ll look at all the aspects that are the key to become a great player.


The fitness is very important in the game of hockey. Dan Garner, a professional fitness coach in Canada said that hockey is a physically threatening sport that can cause an injury to the player. Only those who are absolutely fit and regularly trained can make a good impression on the ground. Well-trained hockey players usually recognize that they are trained not only during the season but also before that in a sufficient and goal-oriented manner, building muscle and above all gaining speed.

The more a player is trained, the better he will perform! Yes, a hockey player has to prepare his body for the increasing intensity and hardness in order to be able to assert himself on the one hand against physically stronger opponents, and on the other hand, to prevent injuries. “Fitness training is a part of the hockey athlete's everyday life,”Wayne Simmonds said.

In fitness training, the focus is above all the stability and a balanced strength training, which covers both the maximum strength, speed and strength endurance. You must be able to withstand external forces. Only the training is not enough. And certainly not a classic muscle building training. It is important to strengthen the leg and trunk muscles so that you do not reach their limits too quickly, the technique in the strength exercises is extremely important. In this regard, it is advisable to visit a fitness expert who performs a functional movement analysis with the athlete in order to restrict any physical weaknesses and to develop a training plan based on this.


In hockey, there are countless situations where decisions have to be made intuitively. Within a hundredth of a second, this is only possible if you do not think. What does this mean for a hockey player? Dr. Cialdini, a psychologist at Arizona State University said that countless situations are repeated in every game, in every training, in every change. In order to make decisions intuitively correctly, players must focus on the situation-specific training on the ground and mental training which supports the learning process.

How often do you see players chasing the stick across the field due to lack of time? There is also the most space and the least resistance. However, there is the biggest danger: the opponent and a dangerous counterattack. Therefore, it is important just playing through these difficult situations in the head and constantly calling for the right decision. Charles Hillman, a psychologist in USA said that “The mental learning process is too often underestimated and practiced by few”.


Even a Ferrari does not go far if it has no gas! This is the best way to discuss the topic. Who has not had a bad day and could not explain where the performance slump came from? It often helps to take a look at the diet.

Basically, the body needs enough carbohydrates, proteins, and water. And always in the right amount.When the body consumes and releases energy during exercise, its temperature rises. As a result, the body releases sweat to cool the body. That alone is enough to understand how important it is to consume enough liquid. The higher the intensity, the more liquid you should drink.

Victoria Mikhail, a Canadian Nutrition Consultant believe thatsufficient proteins are also needed to build muscle. You should make sure to eat a varied diet. Good protein suppliers are fish, meat, eggs, dairy products, beans, and lentils. Muscle growth can be promoted by taking a protein-containing meal directly after training. “If hockey players want to build muscle, they should take 2g of protein per kilogram of body weight per day,” Mikhail said.

So, there are multiple requirements for a great hockey player. First of all, this concerns training. Secondly, are you a strong runner?Do you need a lot of power to move forward? As a defender, it is not that important, but on the offensive, you need this capability and you have to move forward quickly. Then, of course, the handling of the stick is important. Flexibility in the body movement is also vital, but also how well you can hold and use the hockey stick. Mental control is also a must in hockey. And the nutrition is obviously the key to become a Great Hockey Player!


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