Kawhi Leonard: How Birthplace, Economics Works Against Superstar Staying With Raptors

My fellow Toronto Raptors fans, it would be great if Kawhi Leonard stays in Canada with the Toronto Raptors.

But for the following reasons this is not a realistic hope.

That is because for many "average" and above average black American professional athletes, Canada represents a very attractive place to live and potentially settle down.

Such notable black American professional athletes who embraced Canadian culture include Michael "Pinball" Clemons and more recently Henry Burris who were both in the Canadian Football League (CFL).

There are also many black American players on Toronto Raptors who also embrace Canadian culture and a grateful for fan support across Canada.

However, black American NBA superstars like Kawhi Leonard  have a completely different perspective.

Firstly, if Kawhi Leonard is like the typical NBA superstar who has an insatiable appetite for more more money, the Raptors would never be able to pay him enough to compensate for the money he could be making from U.S. corporations through endorsements if he were to jump ship and play for an American team.

U.S. companies are not going to give Kawhi Leonard big money as long as he's with the Raptors and Canadian companies are too racist to want to use Kawhi Leonard to market their brands.

Even if Kawhi Leonard was black and Canadian it would make little difference.  But if he were white and Canadian lookout, many Canadian companies would be seeking to pay him whatever he demanded.

Secondly, Kawhi Leonard was born in Los Angeles which is the home of two NBA franchises.

You might have noticed than lots of people in Fred VanVleet's home of Rockford, Illinois was cheering for him.  Reportedly, VanVleet's hometown had the biggest Jurassic Park in the States.

But I didn't see this kind of support from Kawhi Leonard's hood in Los Angeles.

Black American NBA superstars love getting adulation from their own hood on a personal level and American corporate support on a national level.

So, if Kawhi Leonard, is like the typical Black American superstar player he will either be headed back to his hometown like LeBron did when we went to Cleveland or at least to an American team.

If Raptors fans hope to keep an NBA superstar that will get Canadian corporate endorsements they better start searching now for a white Canadian NBA superstar with the current likelihood that Kawhi Leonard will be moving back to the States.


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