Toronto Raptors: Hernandez, Davis, Joins Summer League

The Raptors had not imagined that upcoming basketball star, Dewan Hernandez, who had averaged 11.4 points and 6.6 rebounds in 32 games as a sophomore at Miami University and seemed to be on his way up draft boards for 2019, would still be available for the NBA draft. But the rising star had been available due to twice being declared ineligible to play his junior season by the NCAA because of an alleged recruiting violation.

According to Toronto Sun, Hernandez’s misfortune ended up being Toronto’s gain, as the team did not believe he would have lasted until late in the second round had he competed this season.

“That’s kind of the approach we take to it,” Raptors assistant general manager Dan Tolzman said earlier this week, quoted in Toronto Sun. “He was a guy that was starting to get some buzz his sophomore year and he comes from a really strong pedigree as a prep player before Miami, and you could kind of see as he was getting comfortable and putting on some weight and just developing, there was a fairly good chance that he would have played himself out of the range of 59.

“Who knows how the season would have gone for him but the little bit we saw of him this past year and all the scouting we had done on him earlier, we felt really comfortable with where he’s at and where he could get in our program.”

Hernandez was a basketball prodigy in high school, and according to Yahoo News, in Dewan’s last year of college at the University of Miami, he had an average 11.4 points and 6.6 rebounds. In his first game with The Raptors, fans were very intrigued by Hernandez’s skills. Twitter users exploded with compliments on Hernandez’s game that night.

Towering at a height of 6-foot-10, Hernandez was a highly sought out recruit before he was recruited. The raptors feared that he was already taken, but do to the eligibility issue he missed the season. The raptors snatched him up as soon as possible, gave him number 59, and Hernandez signed a 3-year rookie deal. He’s so far been doing great, and the Raptor’s fans are excited to have him.

The next player who was recruited was Terence Davis. He went to Ole Miss College, where he was a guard. The raptors were interested in Terence, and according to DJournal, he agreed to sign a free-agent deal with the Raptors. Sadly like Hernandez, Davis didn't make it to 2019 drafting and ended up having to wait to get into the NBA. Terence Davis, 6-foot-4, 205 pounds, has a point average of 15.2, and he led the team with 3.5 assists and 5.8 rebounds.

He was offered a two year contract with guaranteed income in the first year by the Toronto Raptors. Davis stated that "I just couldn't believe it at first." As is the policy of the club, the financial terms of both deals were not disclosed.


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