Transgendered woman discusses dating experience with men

A transgendered woman (used to be a man, and now a woman) in video, shares her dating experience with men.  She indicates that she did not want to be treated as a "dirty secret" by men.

Are you a transgendered woman?  Are you a woman or man who was dated transsexuals?  What has your dating experience been?  You can share your views about dating in our 'Comments' section below.  Please note that all comments are moderated.


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Yes! I am a transgender woman in Southern California. Men look at me in public---a lot---and it feels differently delicious to be a sex object! Men who will not date other "men" will date TG women and I only date straight men. We are not gay and those who are fail to understand who we are so we get challenged from the "straight" and gay communities. Because of the serious lack of knowledge of transgender persons, I wrote a labour of love is a must read. For credibility I include a little about me...but it is written from the perspective of all transgender persons. If the link doesn't work it is here : (no C in transend)..

Luv all..

Dee Omally

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