The State of the Transgender Union 2011 becomes public

After realizing that the transgender challenges we face here in the USA and elsewhere will remain stalled without first educating the masses, I committed myself to passionately author a necessarily lengthy white paper detailing who we are, what we face, and where we must go moving forward. As a transgender female in possession of requisite credibility, I felt that I must do more than just seek my own objectives.

As part of the huge disenfranchised transgender community worldwide, I wanted to do my part, for better or for worse, in advancing our cause -- equality long deserved that has eluded us long enough, and will continue to so unless we all do more.

I hope that it will be a reference paper that will help answer the questions: What does it mean to be transgender? What are transgender person trying to accomplish and how must this be accomplished?

Luv all... The State of the Transgender Union--2011

PS: It is very lengthy. Complicated issues cannot be explained by the use of mere one-liners. I have attached a picture of me at 18, when I was in the USAF, and one now...looking girly. So pull up a chair...a hot cup of java and prepare to be stimulated!



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