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Transgender dating is an option most heterosexual men have never considered...until of course such a guy meets a beautiful transsexual woman and finds himself intrigued. At that point, the guy might actually consider dating someone who is transgendered.

Every TS girl is different, so I can only talk about my experiences. First of all, let's get a few things straight: If you are a guy who is entertaining gay or bisexual fantasies by being with a TS, then you have come to the wrong place, period. A TS girl is like any other woman on the planet. No straight woman wants a gay guy and no bisexual woman wants a gay guy who thinks of her as a guy. A bisexual woman wants another woman or straight man.

And you thought about asking her out...and then had second thoughts about it. To help anyone reading this article there are six points I consider really important when you are going to meet someone who is transgendered:

1. Don't call them in any offensive way like Shemale , Tranny or any thing of this sort . Those are terms used by porn industry.

2. Treat them like you'd treat any other woman, with respect.

3. Don't ask them if they had a surgery or not and in general don't ask them anything related to the status of their genitals.

4. Be yourself and have fun.

5. Don't say to anyone they are trans gendered unless they allow you .

6. Ask them about anything else to avoid.

Just be genuine and treat her as a human. Many men want a one off experience but if you are looking for a real relationship there are clubs etc in London, Manchester. Treat her like a real girl and I really hope you find the girl of your dreams. There are no special rules for dating a transsexual. Like any woman, she will want to have fun on dates and talk to learn more about you.

Talk about how you feel dating a transsexual-just don't let the subject dominate every conversation. If you did not realize she was a transsexual before meeting, obviously the subject will come up. Explain your interest in her but also your apprehension, if you have concerns. It could be that with further explanation of the situation, you will feel more comfortable and ready to explore the possibility of a relationship. But once any concerns have been addressed, there is no need to keep bringing it up.

About the writer:

Jack Reznor can help you to find the perfect shemale match . Jack Reznor is considered a real expert in transgender dating , you can read more about transsexual dating on his transgender-related dating blog.


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