Canada considers genderless passports

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OTTAWA (UPI) -- Canada is considering passports that allow for an alternative to male or female, Quebec's French-language La Presse newspaper reported Wednesday.

Under an access to information request, the Passport Canada agency told the newspaper the policy "regarding transgender people is still under review."

Last July, Canada amended its Aeronautics Act to forbid airlines from allowing people on aircraft if the passenger "does not appear to be of the gender indicated on the identification he or she presents," the National Post said.

The report said Canada is reviewing Australian passport rules that went into effect last September under which a person could designate their gender as "indeterminate" rather than male or female.

Britain is also reviewing its gender designation for passports, the Post said.

Current Canadian law requires applicants renewing their passports to provide medical proof of reassignment surgery if they want to alter gender. If the surgery and hormone treatments are scheduled within the next two years, applicants with proof can receive a temporary passport, the Post said.


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