Transgender Dating - When to Disclose


As you could probably imagine, there are many problems associated with the topic of transgender dating. You will find that a lot of transgender ladies are turning to online dating in a bid to meet the man of their dreams, and of course, this comes with its fair share of problems. There are a number of questions that you must ask yourself if you are a transgender lady looking for love online:

1. Are you willing to tell your potential new love matches that you are in fact a transgender lady? Do these guys actually need to know?

2. At what point should you tell your potential new partner about your situation?

3. Are you prepared for any reaction that could possibly come as a result of you telling your potential new date?

Obviously, you will understand that some people may not be overly happy about the fact that they are talking to or dating a transgender woman and this is something that you are going to have to deal with. There are stigmas attached, and clearly you will have already thought about such things when you made the decision that you made about your sexuality. As a general rule, this transition of your life is going to be a difficult one, and you will want to avoid dating until you are completely comfortable with your own situation. It is always wise to wait until after your complete transition before you decide to get involved with anyone else.

Another thing that you are going to have to deal with is the fact that many run of the mill dating websites will not have a specified subject for you to tick. There are men seeking men boxes that you can tick, as well as female seeking female’s boxes that you can tick, but there is very rarely a transgender box to tick, unless you have gone with a specified transgender dating website.

This begs the question - at what point do you tell your potential partner that you are transgender. Also, what box should you tick? You will find that many transgender ladies opt for the men seeking men box, but this can confuse you further, especially if you are not entirely sure as yet.

You will also find that many gay men that you would come across in this men seeking men category of dating would not appreciate dating a transgender woman - they are seeking men after all. Bearing this in mind, it is probably wise to divulge your information right at the beginning before any of you gets to a point where things could turn nasty.

If you have the option, it might be wise to actually state that you are transgender in your online dating profile. At least by doing this, you separate the boys from the men, so to speak, and there will be no nasty surprises later on in your quest to find love!


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