Reviews: Top Eleven Tips for Men Dating a Transgender Woman

A lot of men are curious about dating a transsexual or transgender heterosexual woman. There are many misconceptions and legends about transgender women, how their dates should treat them and their sexuality. Here are 11 tips from a transgender woman and based by a blog written by a man who has a transsexual girlfriend. If you are considering dating a transsexual woman, they are a must-read.

1) Don’t use porn industry terminology to describe them

Transgender women do not like being referred to as ‘shemales’ or ‘trannys’. They see themselves as women, not as living in some grey area between male and female.

2) Don’t think they’re ‘easy meat’

Just as any other woman may be more or less liberal in her approach to sex, transgender women are not necessarily ‘easy meat’. Treat them with respect and look for the same signals you would expect from any woman in order to discover if she’s attracted to you.

3) Treat her like a lady

Be courteous and courtly in your dealings. This person has worked hard to become a lady and enjoys being treated like one as much or more than a genetic woman.

4) Don’t ask about why she became a woman

As far as she’s concerned, she is a woman and always was one. In addition, discussing the history of her transition is in poor taste. If she wants to talk about it, she will open the subject herself.

5) Ignore any remaining male parts

Some men believe that transgender women are bisexual men. In most cases, this is not true. A transsexual woman does not want to be reminded of any male attributes that she may still have.

6) She will probably not be aggressively sexual

Another misconception around transsexual women is that they are sexually aggressive. This is not necessarily the case. Most women prefer men to take the lead sexually and transgender women are no different.

7) Don’t introduce her to people as a transsexual

Introduce her as your friend.

8) Don’t bring up the subject of friends, family and colleagues

Many transsexuals face vilification from those who were once close to them. Avoid this topic.

9) She is not your male buddy

Hormonally, she is a woman. She won’t be your ‘buddy’ any more than any other girlfriend would.

10) Make her feel fully feminine

Transsexual ladies appreciate small gestures of affection and romanticism even more than genetic women do. For them, it is an affirmation of their femininity.


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