Transgender: Israel drafts first sex-changed female soldier

For the first time in the nation’s history, Israel has drafted a transgender female soldier — a teenager who is currently undergoing sex change surgery to be a girl. Breitbart reported the action, based on various blog reports. The transgendered draftee reported for duty at a base near Tel Aviv this week, Breitbart reported. She immediately advised doctors there of her surgery for gender-change. And the military’s response: So what? Military officials in effect shrugged at the news, and assigned her a uniform, accepting her for duty. Doctors said she was healthy enough to train and fight, Breitbart reported. Israel has a conscription policy for all citizens over the age of 18, males and females. Exemptions are allowed for physical and psychological reasons, but otherwise, males are expected to serve in the military for a minimum of three years and females, for two.
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