How to visit Aruba on a budget


If you’ve ever wanted to visit the Caribbean but are wary of the costs, here are some tips for saving you money so you can enjoy a trip to Aruba.

Avoid the winter peak season

With year round sunshine, Aruba is an ideal destination for those seeking to escape the winter blues; unfortunately this is when hotel prices on the island go up! Why not save some money and go during the summer, you’ll still be able to enjoy temperatures of around 28 degrees.

Enjoy the most amazing experiences courtesy of your friends.

Are you planning to celebrate a special occasion on the island? Aruba's first-ever online celebrations registry offers visitors a variety of options to create their perfect holiday. Simply set up your own online registry and select your favourite accommodation and extras; friends and family can then log on and type in the guests' names to find a variety of gift choices that they can get for you!

Enjoy a guided hiking tour by a park ranger for as little as £1

Aruba's Arikok National Park takes up almost one fifth of the island's landmass and is home to a number of indigenous species of nature and wildlife, as well as historical caves with ancient Indian paintings. You can have a guided tour with a park ranger who will make sure you learn about sites for just $25/£16 for a group of up to 15 people - that is £1.05 per person.

Discover Aruba's diverse cultural heritage for free

Aruba’s second largest town San Nicolas is a great place to visit on a Thursday evening. Aruba’s new weekly event, Carubbian celebrates the traditions of over 80 nationalities that live on the island. Sample a diversity of cuisines, enjoy a parade of local entertainers, get traditional handicrafts and take part in fun activities for all the family. Entrance to Carubbian is completely free.

No admission fee for Aruba's most well-known sights

These include: the picturesque Our Lady of Alto Visto chapel on the northern side of the island; the ruins of the historic Bushiribana Gold Mill; the remains of the much loved Natural Bridge that collapsed in 2005; and of course Aruba's icon, the much photographed divi-divi tree at the end of the Eagle Beach, near Amsterdam Manor hotel. Now all you need is a good camera!

Take a tour at the Balashi Brewery

Balashi is the only beer brewed on the island and is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Now you can go behind the scenes and join one of the tours that take place at the brewery every day. The tour will only set you back $6/£3.80, which also includes one free drink at the open-air bar.

Do it as a local and take the bus

Aruba's bus system is easily the island's most budget-friendly form of transportation - and is also very reliable!

Entertain kids at the Donkey Sanctuary – No admission fee

The Donkey Sanctuary is completely run by volunteers and aims to protect the remaining wild donkeys on the island. Get there early so children can help at feeding time - there is no admission fee but feel; free to bring along some food for them.

A visit to Aruba's museums will cost you (almost) nothing

If you don't want to spend all day on the beach, that is! There is no entrance fee at the island's famous Aloe Museum and the brand new Archaelogical Museum, the Historical Museum will only cost you $1.15/£0.70.

Award winning beaches open to everyone

Aruba's seven-mile strip of Eagle and Palm Beach may be dotted with hotels but it will not cost you anything to enjoy what was voted earlier this year as one of the top three beaches in the world by TripAdvisor.

Seeing the sights of Aruba doesn’t have to cost the earth, take a trip to remember to one of the most stunning islands in the Caribbean.


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