Canadian Travel Tips for March Break


(NC) — Passport? Check. Boarding pass? Check. Credit Card? Check.

Generally, these items are top-of-mind for travelers setting out for a journey, but March Break travellers should carry much more to help ensure a stress-free vacation this year.

Should an emergency occur on your vacation, having the right documentation on hand can significantly speed up the time it takes to resolve an issue so you can go back to enjoying your holiday. Photocopying important travel documents like passports, driver's licenses, credit cards, is also a good idea as this will help replace the documents if one becomes lost or stolen abroad. Put one set of copies in the travel bag you are taking on the plane and if your hotel room has a safe, leave a copy in it as well. Finally, leave another set home with someone you trust.

“Travel smart and ensure you have the correct paperwork before you set out on your March Break holiday, recommends Adrian Hall, vice president of travel at RSA. “And always keep your insurance card with your policy information on hand.”

When travelling outside of the country there are papers that Canadian vacationers should not leave home without. Hall makes the following recommendations:

-- A valid passport is needed for all travellers, including children and infants, with limited exceptions for children under 16 crossing at land border points.

-- Additionally, Canadian children need appropriate documentation to travel abroad when taking a trip alone or with only one parent, such as a consent letter, birth certificate or citizenship card. Check destination requirements before departing.

-- If travelling outside your home province, carry provincial health cards and drivers licenses.

--Travellers should also carry their insurance wallet card to call for assistance at any time.


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