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Arab culture is a mysterious and symbolic lifestyle that mesmerizes an outsider. Taking a trip to Abu Dhabi will expose you to this timeless way of living. There is a feeling of nostalgia in an environment such as this that will leave you craving for more. Secrets lie behind the eyes of those who inhabit this way of life. These secrets circulate around history and ancestral teachings. One can only helplessly gravitate towards knowing more about these people and their land. The allure is so strong that you are overtaken by a need for more.

Hotels in Abu Dhabi are relatively inexpensive though they are easy to book. The Arabs hold respect very high in their culture. You will be provided with the best service. Feeling welcome is guaranteed when you are on Abu Dhabi holidays.

Abu Dhabi is predominantly an Arabic speaking city. In some instances you will find they are fluent in Hebrew or Aramaic languages. In any case, these are individuals who are well educated, and if you get a good translator, which not so difficult, you will get to know the city and its culture in a better way. Staffs at majority of the hotels or the local hotels, shops and so forth are usually capable of communicating in English. They believe in good business and reputation is vital in the Arabic culture.

Most locals will know enough English to assure your needs are met; however it is not a bad idea to know a bit of Arabic when taking a trip like this one. Keep in mind that there are several dialects for the Arabic language, and you will be seeking to enlighten yourself with the Modern Standard Arabic style.

Flight to Abu Dhabi are completely affordable when you book well ahead of time. This is where having a great travel agent will work to your convenience. There will be no worries on flight or hotel bookings. Be assured that you will have immediate access to an Abu Dhabi car hire company, that is if in case your car is not already booked and waiting.

The architecture of the city is timeless and classic. Ingenious beautiful designs that sear into your minds eye evoking total appreciation and awe. This is a city that is beyond the wow factor. Social loyalty is important, but family loyalty and respect is of the utmost importance in the Arab community. These are very loyal people.

Abu Dhabi is a religious place that is populated by those who may worship any number of deities. Less than 10% of the community follows a Christianity based belief system. Muslim religion is the predominated religion in Arabic culture today.

When you visit Abu Dhabi you will find that both the culture and the heritage are rooted firmly and spiritually. Arab people treasure their literature, music and art. They are philosophic masters in language as well as mysticism. Abu Dhabi forever weaves a web that has entranced and intrigued many travelers, and it will continue to captivate its visitors for years to come. There is something so powerful just under the surface of Abu Dhabi that it will hold your heart captive long after you have departed.

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