Top travel destinations for Canadians

(NC) — If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? If you're like most Canadians you would choose cities in North America like New York or Vancouver before choosing places overseas like London, Sydney or Rome. According to a recent TD Canada Trust poll, most of us prefer to stick close to home. The top three travel destinations are the United States, Caribbean and places within Canada.

With more Canadians planning to travel close to home, it's a great opportunity to use rewards points to reduce travel costs or get additional travel. To easily earn points that you can use towards your next trip, Stephen Menon, Associate Vice President for TD Credit Cards, says to use your travel rewards credit card for everyday expenses such as groceries or clothing.

“If you have recurring monthly payments, such as with a phone or internet provider, check to see if you can pay your monthly bill with a credit card. Just make sure to pay it off on time when your credit card statement comes due,” says Menon. “This way, you can continue to earn reward points towards your next trip, but will avoid paying interest charges since you aren't carrying a balance.”

“Whether you're dreaming of a sunny getaway or a trip home to see your family, it's important to remember that the right travel rewards card, used the right way, can be a valuable companion before and during your trip,” adds Menon.


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