Vacationing in Paris the Easy Way

One of the cities that is likely on many "must-see" lists is Paris, France. But what if you want to stay for a week or more, and don't want to spend a fortune on hotel bills? There is one option that is easy and more economical and wallet-friendly; short term apartment rentals. While one may shudder to think that apartment rentals in Paris would be in the astronomical price range, they are actually quite affordable, and again, more budget friendly then racking up hotel bills.

Short-term apartment rentals sound just like what they are, short-term. Instead of signing a contract for years, you would sign one for a week or two, or a month or two, whichever you may prefer. Another upside of staying in a short-term vacation apartment is that you do not have to follow any specific itinerary, and you can easily just relax and enjoy the sights and sounds at your own pace. Enjoy a cup Parisian coffee out on the balcony of your apartment and watch the sun rise over the horizon. With a hotel, you don't typically get that kind of opportunity. There are many different kinds of apartments to choose from as well, depending on your wants and needs. If it's just you vacationing in Paris, you may want to opt for a studio apartment, or if it's you and your family, you can snag a two bedroom apartment to fit everyone!

There are several reasons why one would want to rent an apartment over staying in a hotel. Many people who have previously rented have said that the apartments have a more homey and cozy feel, something that you surely cannot get in a hotel room. Most of the apartments that are available for short-term rental are quite close to many areas of convenience such as metro stations, grocery stores and more. Depending on where you choose to rent, there may even be free wi-fi internet service.

While there are several different websites that you can choose to go through for trying to find an apartment, the best one by far is With an easy to use search tool to locate an apartment in the area of your choosing in 3 easy steps, the ability to find special deals on apartments and honest reviews you can trust from previous renters, CitiesReference is your one stop for locating an apartment to rent for vacation. Their website also features a comprehensive and easy to use help section for general questions, travel and apartment owners and managers questions as well. They give you the option of contacting them via e-mail, telephone, mail, and even Skype and Facebook as well! With all of these amazing features, why would you book your apartment with anyone else?


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