Quebec City offers Winter getaway spectacular

With the winter at our doorsteps many of us would love to cuddle round the fire and have a quiet break, whereas some may be aspired to move out in the snow and enjoy the blazing experience of enjoying life in a snow playground. For all of you who are fascinated by the white covering and would love the company of snow this winter, Quebec is the place for you to be.

The biggest attraction of Quebec in the Winter Carnival which is the biggest one held all over the world. You can experience huge ice palaces, great snow sculptures, exciting night parades, dog sled races, canoe races and a lot of other activities that will run your blood hot inside.

For those of you who are in for a personal gliding experience, Quebec offers the perfect conditions for your sport. Mont Sainte Anne is the premium quality resort which has hosted many international events and offers its slopes for you to explore this winter. Not only is the place an attraction for riders and skiers, the snow park is also a must visit point of the resort. You can ski in the mountains as much as you want and hit the hot tubs later in the evening.

Quebec also offers in all of North America, the hotel De Glace which is made entirely of ice. You can have your drinks in an ice bar in a comfortable -5 degree Celsius and have a cozy night's sleep in a room made entirely of ice. Now you know how to live this winter. Some rooms also offer your personal fireplace along with a spa in your ice room. To top all this you can also have a memorable tying of the knot in the ice chapel. Now that is how you can make a memorable day remembered by all for a long time.

If you are an active individual you can find a lot of attraction in Quebec as the city offers tons of locations where you can canoe, ski, skate and other types of snow activities that are beyond your imagination. You can even enjoy dog sledding and those of you who seem to have a strong bonding with this man's best friend can move a step forward and feel the bonding in the snow.

You can engage in snowmobiling and view the beautiful sites of the city along the way. The many riverside villages present a view that will remain unforgettable for a long time to come. The Quebec region has cross country ski trails spread over almost 2000 kms where you can enjoy spending your time. You can also check out the great outdoors that are just minutes away from the city through enjoying Snowshoeing adventures.
You can also check out the pentathlon held in Quebec in February where you can participate too in the events of skating, running, cycling, running, Snowshoeing and skiing. Quebec offers a whole lot of variety of its visitors this winter all you require is visiting the city and you can easily find a location and activity of your choice to get involved in.


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