Top 10 airport security tips for seniors

(NC) -- If you are travelling this summer and are not familiar with airport security rules, the following 10 tips will help you breeze through the security checkpoint:

Before the trip

1. Contact your airline in advance if you need someone to help you through the screening checkpoint.

2. Pack liquids, gels and aerosols over 100 ml in size in your checked baggage. Items less than 100 ml can be placed in your carry-on baggage but must fit into one clear and resealable 1 litre plastic bag.

3. Prescription and non-prescription medicines are exempt from the 100 ml limit but they should be properly labelled.

4. Medical supplies, equipment and mobility aids don't count as part of the two carry-on bag limit.

5. Dress comfortably for your trip. Avoid wearing shoes with metal arches and belts with large buckles.

At the airport

6. Make sure you arrive early, especially during busy periods. If you have difficulty lifting your bags, advise airline staff when checking in.

7. Use the Family/Special Needs lane if you need more time and assistance going through the screening checkpoint.

8. Have your boarding pass ready to present to the screening officer.

9. Place your cell phone and other electronic equipment, coins, keys and small metal items in your carry-on. Any liquids, like medicines, should be removed from carry-on baggage for inspection.

10. Let screening officers know if you have any medical devices or metal implants that may impact your screening. You can ask for a private search area if a physical search is needed.

Additional tips are available online at and on Twitter @catsa_gc. If you have questions about security screening, call 1-888-294-2202.


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