Bringing Sip and Sizzle Home This Summer

(NC) -- For 12 days this May, wine lovers had flocked to Niagara-on-the-Lake to tour the beautiful wineries, to sip delicious VQA vintages, and to nibble on thoughtfully created dishes perfectly paired with wine. The inaugural event, Sip & Sizzle, was hosted by an organization called Wineries of Niagara-on-the-Lake – and if you missed the fun, including 26 unique wine and food pairings, this event was just the beginning of a fabulous summer season in Ontario's award-winning wine country.

Indeed, the wine and grilled pairings offered at Sip & Sizzle were all created with special attention to detail, said the experts on hand. “We pair grilled stuffed apricots with our Estate Series Chardonnay Musque 2011,” explains Roselyn Dyck, the principal and certified sommelier at Cattail Creek Estate Winery. “The wine has ripe stone fruit characteristics which match nicely with the apricot, while the smokiness of the bacon and sharpness of the cheese compliment the sweetness of the wine. It really is the perfect match.”

Wine and wine culture is growing in popularity with the vintners offering a variety of experiences to meet many interests ranging from those who want to know about the cultivation and craft, to those who are all about 'experiences'.

Visitors can tour vineyards and enjoy all that Niagara-on-the-Lake has to offer, says Dyck. It's a one-stop destination for not only food and drink, but also for the fun of taking some of it home.

The participants at Sip & Sizzle were encouraged to recreate some of their favourite pairings in their own kitchens this summer. All of the wines sampled from the event are listed online at, and a selection of recipes is also available at Participants can also post pictures from their day in wine country, plus personal recipes and the inspirations behind any of their favourite pairings.

Since the region consists of 26 distinct wineries each with its own personality, the pairings include something for every kind of wine lover to try or modify at home. As of this spring, farmers markets in the Niagara Region will be selling VQA wines on Thursdays – you can get your local, fresh foods and perfect paired wines all in one place.

Be sure to start your next adventure with guidance from the website and from your fellow wine buffs online.


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