U.S. Travel Presents Fun facts

(NC) -- Picking up local trivia when you travel makes your trip more exciting and can impress your travel companions. So if you're going to the United States this summer, here are a few tidbits to get you stated, courtesy of WIND Mobile, a leading name in wireless service:

For New York City, did you know?

• It's the birth place of Scrabble, teddy bears and toilet paper.

• The Federal Reserve currently holds $400-billion dollars in gold.

• Over 8.3 million people live in New York city – that's more people than the population of the country of Switzerland (8 million).

For San Francisco, did you know?

•  This is the city that brought us denim jeans, Chinese fortune cookies and chop suey.

•  Just how steep are the streets? Filbert Street is the steepest at 31.5 degrees.

• The cable cars that run across the city are the only national historical monument in the world that moves.

For Seattle, did you know?

• It's full of smart people; Seattle is the most literate city in the United States.

•  It's the birthplace of the world's first gas station and more recently, the very first Starbucks.

• The city has a large houseboat community, almost 500 – matched only by communities in Asia.

General travel, did you know?

• You can drive from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific Ocean in 36 hours, a little longer if you stop by the Grand Canyon for an unforgettable detour.

• The smallest state is Rhode Island (4,002 sq. km) and Alaska is the largest at (1,717,854 sq. km). it also boasts the longest U.S. coastline (10,686 km), which is longer than all the other coastlines in the country combined.

• You can get a whole month of unlimited talk, text and data while you travel there for only $15 thanks to WIND Mobile.


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