Ottawa -- Capital of Fun

There is much more to Canadian capital then institutional buildings and traditional eateries. Ottawa has numerous locations that will enable you loads of fun and attractions that will enable you to create life-long funny, wild memories. Let's mention what to see and do in Canadian capital (of fun!)

Say hi to the sun on the Parliament Hill

There is an interesting tradition of yoga classes on well-kept lawns in front of the Parliament buildings. Classes are being held during pleasant times of summer, and you can enroll online.

Visit artist-s home to see art

Brenda Gale Warner is an artist who exhibits her artworks in her 19th century home. She named home's first floor as the Gallery 240 and exhibits here her photographs and paintings, as well as works of some international artists.

Lawyers as actors and fund raisers

Lawyers in Ottawa, members of Parliament and Supreme Court justices come together annual to act in the Lawyer Play, fundraiser organized by the Great Canadian Theatre Company to collect money for various important causes. The Great Canadian Theatre Company has regular theater schedule where you can see interesting world-famous plays from September till June.

Karaoke with drag queen

In the Shanghai Restaurant that on weekend turns in drag queen club, you can take part in crazy funny karaoke night with famous drag queen China Doll. Fun starts at 9 pm.

Eat in Chinatown

While in Chinatown, grab a meal in one of local Chinese restaurants-with innovative twist-salute to vegan eating. Enjoy in amazing taste of grilled seitan cutlets with potatoes, horseradish crème fraiche, hand-cut tofu ravioli in a tomato purée, dairy-free Mexican chocolate cake with chocolate-chili sauce.

Go shopping with style

There are lots of pleasures and indulgences in Ottawa for people who like different, unorthodox stuff in life. One of these are alternative shopping spots Workshop Studio & Boutique and Flock Boutique where you will see something that is quite different from classic fashion lines. Besides eclectic, vibrant fashion, you can quickly get a class in sewing, crocheting and knitting, to continue making your fashion when you get home.


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