Best Hotels to Go By When in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a magical city to visit either for pleasure or business. The weather is great for the outdoors and the people fun to mingle with. The only problem might be finding the right spot to stay at during your visit. You can always ask around but if you prefer to book in advance then here are a few that will offer you great eateries, entertainment as well as grandeurs views from the top.

Ohla Hotel

If you want to be near shops and restaurants in the city and still stay at a five star hotel then this is your to go place. Do not worry about the hustle and bustle of the city as the hotel itself is pure serenity.

The Neri hotel

The majestic hotel is located in the heart of the Gothic Quarters and is surrounded by magnificent contemporary street art. Once a medieval palace, this hotel still has its charm and authenticity which has been blended with new technologies and interiors so as to make it chic and modern.

Hotel Arts Barcelona

If you want a close peek and feel at the warm Mediterranean breeze, then this hotel within the city is the best option you will have. It is also surrounded by several beaches and is close to most attractions as well as the Barcelona International Airport.

Hotel Espana

This is another four star hotel that combines the new and old when it comes to authentic and rich interiors. It is found at the Barcelona Historic Center. It is also surrounded by the Gothic Quarters as well as La Rambla and some other points of interest in Barcelona.

Granados 83 Hotel

This is for the adventurous bohemians. It is surrounded by art and exotic materials from all over the world. These range from African heritage to Indians and Buddhism. It provides the best forms of varied comforts and luxury that an exciting person often seeks.

So have your pick, there is more for everyone regardless of their preference and taste. You won’t miss to spot some of them.


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