Best Cities to Visit in Asia

Asia is a wonderland full of fun things to do and see. Be it thrilling adventures, ancient history and culture and not to forget relaxing and serene atmosphere, this continent has it all. The view from some of its most splendid cities will take your breath away.

Bali, Indonesia

This Indonesian Island never disappoints, from its exotic adventures to volcanoes and epic landscapes. You can simply enjoy the view from your hotel as well as get to canvass its old history at some of its attraction spots like the Tirta Empul Temple and the Elephant Safari Park.

Bangkok, Thailand

This is one city that is chaotically surrounded by the old and modern techs from old historic temples to modern shopping malls and hotels. But it is the past and present mix-up that makes it unique and a must visit. You get to see and learn about its history and how it is managing to move and adapt to the present world yet still maintaining some of its old life, which is a good thing in so many ways.

Tokyo, Japan

This is one exciting and fast paced city with loads of exciting things to do. It is worth a stopover, with its world class museums, architecture as well as urban parks. It is quite a developed city with magnificent and somehow intact historical sites.

Hong Kong, China

This is one city made of multiple exotic and magnificent Islands. It has stunning landscapes as well as sandy beaches that make the place have fresh air. It also boasts for having great culinary options as well as museums that will peak your interest.

Seoul, South Korea

This resilient city harbors some of the best architecture as well as historic sites. It has a vibrant and friendly culture that is welcoming to all nationalities and is also credited for having some of the greatest attraction sites like Bukhansan National Park and Namsan Park and N Seoul Tower.

So, make a date with one or two of these cities and you won’t be disappointed. They have so much to offer than what meets the eye.



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