Toronto: Holiday Inn Housekeepers Lift Cell Phone and Government Documents

When a guest decided to do a late check out at Holiday Inn's flagship hotel at 30 Carlton Street he had no idea that he would become a victim of theft. By the time the guest came back, Holiday Inn housekeepers took everything except a sweat bottom. Only a handful of items like a toothbrush, dish detergent and vinegar were recovered the next day.

Apparently, Holiday Inn refuses to refund the guest and only wanted to replace the mangoes that were stolen. The guest remains without his cell phone and is concerned that the Revenue Canada letters could be used for an identity theft ring against guests staying at the hotel - So if you become a victim of theft at Toronto's main downtown Holiday Inn expect that management will compensate you for much more than the commercial value of a mango.

The guest posted a review of the hotel on TripAdvisor and talked about the incident.

He tells us that his room was completely cleared when he came back in the late afternoon.

“I asked for a late check out because I had too much stuff to move out of the hotel quickly. By the time I came back in the late afternoon the room was cleared.”

He talks about being offered only a sweat pant bottom by the client services when he enquired about his stuff.

“Then I asked client services staff in the lobby the whereabouts of all my stuff that was in the room. They came back with only a sweat pant bottom.”

He lists the stuff that went missing / were stolen.

“Here's a short list of my stolen / missing stuff. These include my extra cell phone that I had bought from Bell Canada; the extension cord; organic hayden mangoes; organic royal gala apples; natural toothpaste without flouride; special toothbrush I ordered online; large palmolive soap; Oasis brand mango, orange, banana smoothie; while vinegar and even Lays potato chips.”

The guest advises people to itemize their belongings when they stay at this hotel.

“I respectfully advise anyone staying at this hotel to itemize your personal belongings to ensure your stuff does not "go missing" and you ten become a victim of the atrocious customer service of this hotel's manager.”

He further says that the hotel staff refused to offer him a refund.

“I asked staff for a refund on my visit for the bad experience and they refused!”

He says that it was the worst experience he had ever had in a hotel and also says that the hotel staff were rude to him.

“This is the worst experience that I have ever had at a hotel; and the worst customer services that I have ever received from any company anywhere. In the face of my representation hotel staff was curt, rude and showed callous disregard.”

The Canadian hopes that Holiday Inn reaches out to the guest to compensate him for this terrible experience. 


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