Go Hiking Without a Hiccup

You and your friends have been meeting for weeks to discuss your hike. You’ve finally booked, you’ve pre-paid, arranged to get to the start and are super excited.   You’ve probably thought about how many bottles of wine you’re going to take with you, but not much else.

But there’s a whole lot of stuff you need to think about before you travel.  Especially if you don't want to land up miserable, hungry and with blisters.

Getting fit is the most obvious.  Use the stairs at work, join a gym, go for a daily jog or walk.  Exercise.

Wear in your shoes.  You know those people who buy a new pair of trainers and wear them on day one of climbing a mountain? Don’t be one of those people!  Have good solid walking or hiking boots.

Pack your backpack carefully, keep it as light as you can and make sure it’s good quality.  You don't want the straps digging in to your shoulders while you scale a mountain.

Plan your water and your food carefully.  No-one wants to go hungry and you don’t want to dehydrate either.  Have a good  quality water bottle and check where you can fill up along the way.

A good sleeping bag is always a good idea, and I never go anywhere without a pillow.  You want to have fun and enjoy nature and the outdoors, but - you also want to be comfortable.

And then:

Tons of sunblock.

A hat. 

Matches, a knife, crockery and cutlery.


Sandals for downtime. 

Raincoat and something warm. 

A good book to read.  


Meds in case you get sick.

Blister plasters.

Don't forget a swimming costume for those fresh water rivers.

A sarong or kikoi is a great idea.

And maybe even a hip flask?


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