Don't Get Mugged in Mumbai, India

The thing about traveling in a big city is that it is exciting, thrilling and a real head rush but it can also be overwhelming.  I travelled to Mumbai a few weeks ago and was so busy looking up and around, taking in all the sights, colors and madness, that I didn’t notice someone quietly take my phone.

Granted, I was a little silly and had it in the back pocket of my jeans.   And it did take me a few hours to notice it was gone so It’s possible that I actually dropped it, but - it made me very aware of what not to do.

Here are a couple of guidelines, starting with the phone.

Keep your phone tucked tightly against your body.  Don’t stand on a street corner chatting to your mom back home, someone may just run past and swipe it.  Be aware and careful when you do use your phone, and rather have a chat back in your hotel room or somewhere quiet.  It’s also a good idea to have a spare phone with you when you travel, kept in a separate bag, just in case.

Carry your backpack in front of you, rather than behind.  And if it’s a handbag, wear it across your body.  Money belts are good but it’s always a bit tricky getting money in and out. 

Talk to strangers! Of course, you’re on holiday in a new exciting destination, you want to meet new people and learn new things.  But be careful of which strangers you talk to.  If you’re in a dodgy area, be alert.  Be alert anyway, and best avoid the dodgy areas to start off with.

Always be aware of who is around you, don’t allow yourself to get surrounded or distracted, be super vigilant in markets and when possible, keep your precious belongings in a hotel safe. 

Mumbai is a hectic city.  It’s also one of the most beautiful, busy, busting and exciting cities that I’ve been to.  Like in any big city, be aware and you will be absolutely fine.



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