The Netherlands Offer Unique Twist To Camping

The camping season is upon us and the Dutch head out to the fields in droves. It is “Buitenleven” (Outdoor life) season. Throughout Europe you will find campsites, basic or over complete depending on your tastes. The Dutch prefer to have all the luxury of a hotel, in a tent. So campsites here offer hot showers and swimming pools. It is normal here to take your tent to a campsite and set it up in a field, among strangers. All the tents in a circle, as if it were a Dutch birthday party. (We’ll cover that another time) They bring televisions, refrigerators and mobile phones. Sometimes they will stay the whole summer in their tents.

Op de Camping (Dutch Song)

There are even modern folk songs about camping behavior in Holland. Wearing white socks inside black slippers and drinking rose wine all day. It is standard to pack  virtually your whole house and bring it with you to the camping. Though most people have two sets of things, for example a set of camping dishes that are only to be used “Op de camping”.


Americans call this Glamping, but to the Dutch that is something else entirely. Glamping in Holland is often in a raised safari tent with hard wood floors and real beds. Glamping has a certain kind look to it, romantic and charming.  There are special safari tents for glamping, or tree huts, you can even go camping in a wine barrel.

Outdoor Life

The summers in Holland are perfect for being outdoors, when it isn’t raining anyway. That is why as soon as summer arrives you will find thousands of Dutch campers packing up there refrigerators and fly swatters and heading out to a field somewhere, pitch a tent and have a great summer!


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