South Africa: Prepare to Be Stunned

South Africans go to the polls on Wednesday to vote in their municipal elections.  It seems therefore a good time, while the country is in the news, to focus on what an amazing holiday you can have in this stunning country. 

Let’s start with the currency. The South African Rand is incredibly low at the moment which means it is really good for you, the traveler.  Your money will go a long way.

South Africa is known first and foremost for the Kruger National Park.  The Big Five.  Lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo - and you will get to see them. Easily.  Close up.  While sitting in an open vehicle.  Not like a zoo, but the real thing.  A safari is amazing and an unforgettable experience.

Cape Town is a beautiful city.  People think of Cape Town and they think of Table Mountain with its cloud tablecloth, but man, there is so much here.  Unspoiled beaches, forests, best cappuccino and some of the most wonderful foodie restaurants, as well as penguins, ostrich, whales and SHOPPING!  You need at least four days to explore, either on your own or with a driver.  It’s easy.  It’s hip.  It’s something you gotta do.

Jozi is the local name for Johannesburg.  There’s currently a Matisse art exhibition as well as a Walter Battiss exhibit, both highlighting what an amazing cosmopolitan city Jozi is.  Art, culture, history, museums, markets and food glorious food.  Jo’burg is cool.

Then there’s also the Zulu Kingdom of KwaZulu Natal with beautiful African villages, music and dance.  There’s the province of Mpumalanga (I dare you to try pronounce that) with mountains, hiking, waterfalls and sorry, but again, delicious food.  Venda, with the Rain Queen and magical myths and legends.  So much to see, so much to do.

South Africans are super friendly.  They speak a different kind of language too. Howzit.  Ekse.  China.  You’ll learn the lingo quickly, and meet amazing people.  

Biltong.  Boerewors. Potjiekos. And Bunny chow.   These words will become part of your vocabulary while you’re there.    They’re all delicious foods.

Travel.  Meet the people. Explore.  Have an adventure.

You won’t be sorry.




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