Don't let Hotels get away with Murder. Checking in on Checking in.

Have you ever checked in to a hotel feeling all excited.  Then filled out the registration form, handed over your credit card, lugged your luggage either up the stairs or in an elevator, opened your hotel room and - it is TEENY!  

Feeling disappointed, you find that the hotel has given you the worst possible room, there is no space at all, the window overlooks a brick wall if there is a window at all and the promised bath is a broken shower?

And then you have to lug your suitcase back down to reception again and go through the whole process of complaining? Or you are too tired to do that and you just put up with the room even though you deserve better?

Our experience is that hotels often do this to single travellers, and especially to single women.  They take a chance, give you a horrible room and hope that you don’t complain.

The way to stop this from happening is to check in to the hotel, do the paperwork but then insist on seeing your hotel room before you take your luggage up or take ownership of the key.  If you like the room, great, take it.  But if you are are unhappy for any reason it is well within your rights to ask to see a different room, or many different rooms, until you are satisfied.

In fact, don’t ask to see a different room.  Insist on a different and better room.  Remember that you are the one paying all the money and you absolutely deserve to be treated well.

Hotel receptionists may try and intimidate you into taking the room.  ‘It’s the best we’ve got’, they’ll say.  Or - ‘That is what you booked and paid for.’  But it may well not be what you booked and paid for and if the hotel are taking a chance or have made a mistake, it is up to them to rectify it.

Know your rights.  Be demanding.  Insist on the better hotel room. 

You will have a much better hotel stay.


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