Suffering as a Solo Traveller -- No Need

I travel alone, not out of necessity but out of choice.  It never used to be like that.  When I was younger I would travel with a girlfriend, a group of friends or in a tour group.

I hated the tour group travel, it just didn't work for me - I was always the one to keep the bus waiting.

And as I got older, it became harder and harder to find the girlfriend with the same flexibility that I had.

And so I started travelling alone.  And my gosh, I have learned so much from it.  Mostly good.

Being alone makes you much friendlier.  Because I travel alone I need people a lot more than they need me.  I talk to strangers, I engage with fellow travellers or people that I may meet on the subway or at a museum.  And you know, they talk back.  I’ve learned that everybody likes to chat, especially when you’re from different countries or backgrounds.  I talk to locals, I talk to foreigners, I talk to shopkeepers.  It’s wonderful.

You can be a lot more flexible when you travel alone.  There are no time restraints, no set time to get out of bed, no discussions on where you should have breakfast or which coffee shop to try.  You don’t have to spend hours while you wait for your friend to try on clothes and you can do what you want when you want!

It’s cheaper travelling alone.  There is no guilt about how much money you do or don’t spend and you don’t have to share anything.  You can be super selfish travelling alone, also order the cheaper wine which your friend may not have wanted.  (or the more expensive one!)

There is no drama when you travel alone. No-one to fight or argue with.  You make the decisions about what you want to do.  It’s easy.

Traveling solo makes you creative.  You may read more books, write in a diary and may even join a group art or yoga class every now and again.  

And traveling alone gives a sense of empowerment and independence too.

And you know, it’s absolutely the independence that I like.  


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