Wind down the Windows - Road Tripping

There’s nothing better than a road trip. You can plot your route in advance, if you want to, or you can just get in the car and see where the road leads you. 

Here are our rules.  Follow them, they are important.

Plan the music well in advance.  Have a great selection, more than you think you’ll need. A road trip is not the same without your old favorites.

Take cash.  You need it for the toll roads. You also need it to buy ice-cream off the side of the road, those quick pit stops you know.

Wide down the windows.  ALL THE WAY!  Blast the music.  Feel the wind blowing through your hair.  

Take a hair scarf, as if you were living in the fifties, just in case it gets cold.

Comfy shoes.  It’s kinda nice to curl up on the seat, barefoot, while the open road goes by.  (unless you are the driver, in which case, hands on the wheel, feet on the pedals).

Sing loud.

Snacks.  Plenty of them.  Beef jerky (biltong) is the most important.  Then potato crisps, chocolates and M and M’s always go down a treat.  Have a flask of freshly made coffee when you depart, and fill it up at gas stations.  Keep yourself rehydrated with water, all the way.

Have gas!

Always have an extra car key.  One for the driver, one for the passenger.

Stop at all the little funky road stalls and shops, explore the dirt roads that lead to nowhere, at night hang out in the local bars, talk to the local people, take your time, never rush, explore the open road.

And remember, sing out loud and keep those windows open! You get the most beautiful sense of the open road, of freedom and of life itself. 

Here are my top five road trip songs:-

Mustang Sally, by Wilson Pickett

Hit the Road Jack, by Ray Charles.

King of the Road, by Roger Miller

Sweet Home Alabama, by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen.

And look out for our next article on favourite road trip routings.




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