Fun in the Sun without Mosquitos - Explore Mozambique.

The best thing about Mozambique is that the weather is always hot.  Seriously.  In summer it can get to 40 degrees celsius and in winter it’s a mild 25 degrees.  Which means, Mozambique is the perfect place for a beach holiday, at any time of the year.

One of my favourite places in Mozambique is Tofo Beach.  Tofo is just outside of Imhambane (there are flights almost daily, but you can reach Tofo by car) and is still one of those unspoiled African villages with miles and miles of unspoiled beach, pure white sand, gorgeous beach cottages for rent, a beautiful little town square with restaurants and bars, and some of the best seafood in the world.

Tofu is fabulous for surfing, diving and fishing and has become a bit of an adventure destination.  It’s popular in the school holidays with South African families, and very popular with fishermen, as well as four x four enthusiasts.  

But also with hippies!  Tofu has become a haven for backpackers.  It’s really cheap to stay here and surfers and snorkelers come for a while.  There are many hostels and guesthouses that offer long term stays.  At the local market one can buy daily fresh fruit and vegetables, local fishermen walk around the town selling the catch of the day which often includes crab, lobster, prawns and oysters at real bargain prices, and the one local bakery makes the best fresh bread ever.

It’s a real holiday.  There’s nothing to do but walk, swim, hang out on the beach, eat and drink ice cold Mozambican beer.  In December you need to beware of the sun, it’s super hot and you need to use sun protection factor 100 plus.  But there are plenty of places to cool down between adventures and that cold beer always helps.

No-one ever wears shoes in Tofo.  You’ll be barefoot for the entire holiday.  Your only worry may be the mosquitos in summer, bzzzz, so just make sure you take the right precautions.  Check with your local doctor or pharmacist what to take, have fun, and just don’t get malaria!


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