Fly To The Future In Modern Airports

The airport has to be one of the worst parts of traveling. Forget the hotels that didn’t quite look like they were advertised in the picture or the gaps in translation, it’s the airport where things start to become a nightmare. But airports have changed in recent years. For better or worse? Well, let’s find out.

Finding Parking

In the past, you had to show up for a flight at least a few hours before. That was nothing to do with security. It was all about finding a space in the car park. It was never easy, and most airports left drivers to their own devices. This often led to complete chaos long before reaching the check-in. Now, though, technology has managed to improve the situation a great deal. It’s possible that your airport parking lot might be using hi-tech camera systems. These provide great benefits at parking for airports. Essentially, the camera system is able to guide users to empty spaces without them having to spend hours searching. As such, it takes the stress out of the holiday straight away.

Sensors And Detectors

Do you panic whenever you have to go through a metal detector in an airport? You’re not the only one. There are lots of people who feel panicked just thinking about this situation. Not because they are carrying anything they shouldn’t be, or putting anyone in danger. But rather because of the pressure of being tested. These days, there are actually new sensors being tested in places like Israel right now. Israel airports are not currently testing a bomb control cubicle. The story suggested If it detects a bomb, the doors of the cubicle lock and the bomb is detonated. It was a complete hoax that went viral online. Israel are however looking at ways to make airport security easier for passengers. Their aim is to make tests more subtle and less intrusive which, while not as exciting as a bomb detonation unit, is a great deal more practical.

Who's Flying The Plane

Probably not the pilot if we’re honest. It’s a little-known fact that the job of a typical pilot has been greatly reduced. Once the plane is up in the air, it’s essentially flying itself. A pilot is there to take over in an emergency, and the main part of their job is to land the plane. Up until that point, everything is handled by a rather brilliant piece of AI software. So, don’t worry about who is flying the plane. You’ll probably find that the pilot is asleep for a good few hours of an eight plus hour flight.

Luggage Tracker

You can get a luggage tracker for your bag which is useful when an estimated thousands of luggage goes missing every month on international flights. With a luggage tracker, you’ll be able to find out where your bag has ended up and you’ll be able to alert the airport. This might mean that you get your luggage back in the first few days of the holiday and not the first few weeks.

You see airports really have changed and mostly, it’s for the better.


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