Unchain Yourself From The Vacation Cliche

If you’re planning a holiday this year, you might already be dreading the routine. You know the one we’re talking about? If you have kids, you’re going to have to get up early every single day to hit the theme parks before the crowds arrive. You might be tied down to the number of days you can spend in one place, and of course, there’s the rush to get to your next plane. It can all start to feel as though your holiday isn’t a vacation at all but rather a chore. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to avoid that type of feeling? Well, there is.

Here are some tips that should give you back the freedom that’s been missing from your vacation.

Home Comforts

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Don’t you just hate it when you get to your holiday destination, and you have two choices for transport. Either you use the public options, or you rent a hire car. Public options are crowded, take forever and are often delayed. Hire cars typically aren’t what you’d hoped for with poor air conditioning, weird stains on the seat and the fear that you might damage it on the road.

A better option would be to drive your own car on the holiday. This will give you the freedom to drive it as far as you’d like however you’d like. In fact, you can even plan an extended break because you’ll have your car to get to all the different places. You can do this by using a company like Shiply. They’ll transport your car to the holiday destination and make sure it’s there waiting for you. When your holiday is finished, they’ll take it back again.

No Hotel Needed

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How about forgetting the hotel altogether? Rather than booking a hotel in advance, get a room when you get there, stay for as long as you like and move on to the next destination. The problem with holidays is that after two weeks in the same place, it is getting a little dull. You’ve seen everything there is to see, but you can’t leave because you’ve still got three nights left. If you book the hotel in short stays, you can add as many nights as you like and give each location the proper amount of time it needs.

Better yet you don’t need to have a hotel at all. Instead, you can go camping and if you hate the idea of roughing it how about glamping? Glamping is all about staying in luxury tents with everything you could possibly need. In fact, some people find it more comfortable than a hotel.

Forget The Crowds

Or finally, if you really want a relaxing holiday free of constraints, book a vacation to a destination that isn’t going to be jam packed with people. Instead, head off to somewhere that isn’t quite as well known. If you want a brilliant option, try Peru. It’s an exotic location free from crowds, and as far as sights to see, there is the spectacular Nasca Lines.

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