Top tips for an epic family escape

(NC) Whether you need to get away from winter or are thinking about your March Break and summer holiday plans, it’s never too early to start planning your next family vacation. Here are some tips to have a great time and get the best bang for your buck.

Book early and save. Last-minute bookings have become a popular trend, but did you know booking early can save you even more? Take advantage of early-bird deals and discounts for a more affordable holiday leaving you extra spending money.

Revisit an old favourite. For a warm, family-friendly trip, Florida theme parks are always a hit. With plenty of new attractions coming to Orlando’s theme parks, there are always new reasons to visit. To make it easy for families to organize their dream trip, Air Canada Vacations offers packages to Orlando’s theme parks with flights, hotels, dining options and ticket plans.

Sort out entertainment early. There’s nothing worse than cranky kids on a long flight, so be sure to plan some activities and things to do ahead of time. Think colouring books and crafts, some (limited) time on the tablet and headphones for movies. You’ll also want to pack some fun stuff to wind down with before bed in the hotel room, or for those moments when they just need a break.

Find the right accommodations. Every family is different, and you need a home away from home that suits your personalities. A resort vacation rental or connecting suites may be just what you need to keep the peace and stay sane. Also keep a checklist of the requirements your family needs wherever you’re staying, such as on-site babysitting, supervised kids’ activities, a pool or a crib.


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