Singapore and its Crazy Rich Asians

With the fame of Hollywood’s first all-Asian cast rom-com, tourist inflow saw a jump in numbers as the rest of the world scrambled to witness for themselves the glamourous lives of Singaporean money moguls.

Home to the largest roof-top infinity pool and offering novel activities like dining in Asia’s largest observation wheel (Singapore Flyer), the country has an enormous collection of eclectic experiences. Though laws are strict (the fine on chewing gum is legit!), Singaporeans have outshined their Asian peers in terms of innovation and wealth cultivation.

As I spent a week in Singapore, it was easy to see how.

First Impressions

I didn’t come by the famed Singapore Airlines (Best Airline 2018) but as I stepped in Changi Airport (also Best Airport 2018!) I was greeted by a swoosh of grandeur. It was crowded but astonishingly disciplined and though checking was painstakingly thorough, the officials were never discourteous. After finally gaining entry into Singapore we stepped outside to find our ride. And oh boy was it a shock to the system as we faced the full UV-intensity of the tropical summer sun. Lesson learned: Wear sunscreen like a second skin!

Around the Bay

Some of the swankest hotels with breath catching views are located at Marina Bay. Which happens to be central for quite a few amazing attractions, including the iconic Merlion Fountain. As my splurges were reserved for shopping (Orchard Road, I’m coming!) and sightseeing (Mandatory visit to Universal Studios), I opted to stay at a reasonable hostel. Public transport is most convenient and taking in the breadth of touristic opportunities at the Bay required I dedicate a good amount of time there!

The three imposing structures of Marina Bay Sands, the flower-shaped Art Science Museum and Singapore Flyer are all readily recognizable symbols of Singapore’s skyline. But to behold it with my own eyes in the glory of the dazzling evening lights around the Bay is a testament to the aesthetic superiority of this country.

The mammoth mall known as The Shoppes has a tasteful interior complete with boats you can ride along the indoor canal! Outwitting the blazing sun, I spent the daysexploring high-end selection of retailers and as dusk fell our party took to the delightful bustling walkway outside where a visually stunning lights and sound show exhibits over the water daily,gathering a huge audience.

Culinary scene

Nothing in Singapore is done half-heartedly.The same extends to cuisine. With one of the cheapest meals to be awarded the Michelin Star, even the street hawkers are a class above their counterparts elsewhere! So, it was imperative for me to take a trip to a hawker center and try the multi-ethnic array of disheson offer.

The Lau Pa Sat Hawker Centre is walking distance from Marina Bay and has over 260 stalls. The word ‘hawker’ brings to mind open air, hygienically questionable street food but the dominating steel structure propped up on beautiful green pillars and housing small but neat food vendors pleased me immensely! And the chicken gravy dish that I tried with Malaysian ‘roti-paratha’ (around S$6) had my taste buds singing with joy. We found evening times to have more options and larger crowds, but our efforts were rewarded with delectable satay dishes!

The Verdict

Posh and rife with world class lures, I barely scratched the surface of all that Singapore has to offer. The trip was a little heavy on the pocket, compared to neighboring countries but I got to take home a real Orchid (their national flower) necklace souvenir, coated in 24k gold water… Will surely come back for more!


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