Paris to remember for two

Source of inspiration of dozens of films and books, Paris is always one of the most eligible cities in the world. Of course it’s even better if you enjoy it with your sweetheart. That’s why my husband and I chose it to spend some days last summer to celebrate our anniversary. The experience was completely unforgettable, but now I realize that it could’ve been even more memorable if somebody had given me some advice. If you’re planning to elope to the City of Light, here’s what you must know.

Book your accommodation in advance

As well as you, plenty of people are willing to spend some summer days in Paris. Don’t let fate decide where you two are going to stay but book online with as much anticipation as possible. Being neglectful about this can lead you to pay some hundreds of dollars more than if you had ‘done your homework’.

Stay at a strategically located hotel

Bear in mind that it’s worth spending a bit more and staying at a hotel which is near the main attraction points. This decision will not only help you save some money, but also time. We stayed at a cozy in Marais, a neighborhood that was the cradle of Parisian nobility. Now it offers plenty of cultural and entertainment options.

Get informed about free accesses

It was Saturday and we decided to have a go in Pompidou to see some modern art. What we saw was amazing and so incredible that you’ll have to see it with your own eyes to believe it. Definitely, art in real life isn’t what we were taught at school… at least it isn’t in Paris. However, what was really hard to believe was that the following day, the first Sunday of the month, the same guided tour we took was offered for free!

Download RATP app

It can be very romantic to get lost in Paris alleys, especially when the summer rain accompanies you, but if you’re the modern type of couple, the RATP app will be your best ally. After having bombarded locals with a load of questions on the train, consider in France English is not a welcome language by every pedestrian, we decided it was time to do something by ourselves. We downloaded that magical app and we gained independence and autonomy when it was time to use public transport.

Some places ideal for couples

  • Montmartre: even though the official definition says it’s a town, we discovered that it’s a village merged inside one of the biggest cities in Europe. My recommendation is the typical onion soup you can find at most tavern-like restaurants splashed around the highest dot of Paris.
  • The Eiffel Tower: going to the top is not always an available option since it’s closed on windy days. Anyway, we reached the second level, took some selfies and bought two romantic cups as souvenirs.
  • Moulin Rouge: I wasn’t willing to go at first, but my hubby convinced me and I’m totally grateful to his insistence. It’s not a cheap place (and I even recommend you buy the expensive tickets which include drinks if you want servers notice you’re alive), but the experience appeals to your five senses. Before being there, I would’ve sworn I’d never try an insect, but among the recipes from the past, the sauterelles grilles seem a good option. What are they? Simply grilled grasshoppers.


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